Build a badass brand.

Brand Strategy + Design for the
creative professional.

Brand Strategy + Design for the creative professional.

Cheers to the Rebels, Rule Breakers and Risk Takers.

you're bad.

Cheers to the Rebels, Rule Breakers and Risk Takers. We know our work is our life, and we aren’t messing around. We build brands we are proud of, because we know the world is better when we show up.

I'm haylee,

I am a Brand Strategist and Designer. I help creative professionals craft brands they love while increasing their income and becoming deeply passionate again.
I offer education, tools, brand strategy, and design services.

Let's do this thing.


"Haylee cuts through all the B.S. and gets to what you need to know in a clear concise, down-to-earth and memorable manner."
Scott Wood

"Haylee was funny, natural and engaging. I've heard many of these principles before, but Haylee's research and organization helped me fill in those missing gaps of understanding."

"A good course that explains at a conceptual level how to create a brand. It clearly provides the difference between Brand and Logo and the importance of having a brand and not just a logo. Recommended."

“A great course for creatives and entrepreneurs to understand how to be seen the way they want. So many courses are surface level and beginner focused and it was refreshing to see such an engaging educator explain her process in a clear and actionable way!”
Squnch S.

“SO well executed. She doesn't just tell you how to visually create a great feed, but challenges you and EQUIPS you to make true connections to your brand and what you want to convey. Truly a deep dive. This is fantastic.”

“I loved this class. I love how she took us through the brainstorming session, which helped to give ideas for my own business. She was entertaining and informative, and I've already recommended this course to my business owner friends.”