I help brands stand out
on the shelf and online.

Great brand building means strategy first, Design second.

Brand Strategy

01 Brand Positioning
02 Competitor Analysis
03 Mission + Vision Development
04 Brand Value Development
05 Brand Tone

Brand Design

01 Logo Development
02 Color Palette
03 Typography
04 Moodboards

Brand Collateral

01 Package Design
02 Marketing Materials
03 Social Media Grid Design
and more

Graphic design support for established brands for as little as 15 hours a month.

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So you want to refresh or rebrand your emerging CPG company?!

Maybe your branding was thrown together by several graphic designers without a strong, cohesive focus on your brand strategy. Perhaps your brand designer didn’t even know what the word “positioning” meant. Or maybe you’re looking to secure funding or coveted shelf space. Whatever the reason, you’ve found yourself in the perfect spot for a strategic rebrand or refresh.

Get the bite-sized guide to The Top 5 things to consider when rebranding your emerging CPG brand.

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