I help creative professionals to craft brands they love.

With many years of corporate design experience, I broke away from the uninspired 9-5 to create something that would set my soul on fire despite the loud, negative voices that would keep me safe and small. I knew I deeply loved branding, and that I could find great meaning in helping my client’s solve their branding problems. I loved that I could bring out the depths of their souls and turn it into something as seemingly meaningless as a piece of graphic design.

It wasn’t until later that I realized this work wasn’t meaningless, it was necessary for survival both in business and self. I sat in awe after a client meeting that felt more like a therapy session. Tell me your heart, I said, and I will make it your brand.

Your business is important because it involves your life, how much of our lives do we spend working? A lot. We better love it.

I help creative professionals to craft a brands they love while increasing their income and becoming deeply passionate again. I do this through education and tools that are typically hard to come by, too expensive, or filled with a bunch of industry jargon.

As one of my students put it--

”Haylee cuts through all the BS and gets to what you need to know if a clear, concise, down-to-earth and memorable manner.” - Scott Wood

Let’s do this thing!

Haylee Jordan